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Shadi - Laguna Beach,Laguna Beach,California,United States

The incredibly kind Principal Tom Day made it happen for Ability Awareness Project to expand our reach outside of California to his school in Houston, Texas. His passion to help  More

the 715 students at Travis Elementary school feel safe and happy is beyond anyone I’ve ever seen before. From the first conversation we had about a month ago it was apparent that this is not just a job for him; he cares deeply about teaching empathy, kindness, compassion, tolerance and everything we teach at out presentations emphasizing a thinking forward mentality, asking kids to take ownership of their mistakes and plan their next best steps accordingly. He secured a budget to make sure my accommodations and travel expenses were taken care of as well as our 3 presentations. He made sure all students understand the importance of what they’re learning and pay attention quietly to get the maximum benefits of our presentations. To top that all, he picked me up from hotel and dropped me off AFTER taking me and a few other school staff to dinner! Dear sir, your kindness shines through so brightly, thank you for being such an incredibly kind role model for all your students and thank you for making this happen. We look forward to come out again next year.

Date: 07/03/2020