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Shadi - Laguna Beach,Laguna Beach,California,United States

My cat is now 6 years old and for the past 4 years every time I take her to her vet, she recommends putting her to sleep. But then  More

she responds well to natural remedies and gets well. This time natural remedies haven’t been working well so this morning I took her to a new vet. I had been up crying all night thinking that it may be time I have to say goodbye. When I walked in Nicole greeted us with a big smile and remained calm and kind as she took in our information and I couldn’t answer without crying nonstop. She was reassuring that they would do everything they can to help her live. After hours of waiting and testing still I had no diagnosis from the vet and I began to feel so frustrated but Nicole stayed patient and calmed me down explaining the process with her gentle and patient tone of voice. At the end, my cat was given an antibiotic shot, a shot of fluids and another shot for nausea and I took her home. I’m not sure how long she will live but Nicole’s gentle patient kindness will remain in my heart for ever. Thank you for keeping me calm and giving me hope recognizing I was having such a hard time with this.

Date: 04/09/2020