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Card Number: 1004463

Shadi - Laguna Beach,Laguna Beach,California,United States

Author Jim Olayos contacted me a couple of weeks ago; he and his family while vacationing in Laguna Beach came across our Kindness Wall on the Forest Avenue Promenade and  More

as he explained his family told him he has to contact me while they--1--re in town. I invited him to my studio and the rest is history. His book The Kindness Formula is a beautiful dedication to his son who passed away at the age 31 filled with real life stories to teach kindness, character and success specially for middle-high school students. He left a successful practice of law to become a basketball coach where he felt he could make a bigger impact. It was wonderful to meet Jim who lives in the east coast and find out how connected we are and never met. He is also on the board of World Kindness USA but still I just had to give him one of our own Kindness Cards. Thank you for all that you do Jim and I--1--m so happy we met. He may come back to celebrate World Kindness Day with us on Nov. 13 at Laguna Beach.

Date: 17/09/2021