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Why and How to use your Card

It costs nothing to be kind. Lets acknowledge the good in the world and give a kindness card to someone deserving and you tell us why. The Kindness card will collect a diary of its journey collecting miles and smiles. Make sure you explain to the lucky recipient that they can see their good deed online that night and ask them to do the same. You never know where the card might end up!

If you have just got your card, use the form on the right to register it. Just say Hi to us.

If you want to let everyone know about an act of kindness, please fill out the form with all of the relevant details and you will be able to see the cards progress.

Submit your Kindness Story

Be sure to let them know that you have submitted their story on the card and ask them to pass it on to acknowledge someone else's act of kindness.

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If you are just registering your card, just say Hi to us
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